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Friday, 15 April 2011

Trying out a new pattern...

HA!...I have amazed even myself with my mediocre crochet skills.  Remember this link I posted yesterday? 
http://www.etsy.com/listing/60482859/lady-bug-body-hat?ref=af_you_favitem  well guess who thinks she made it up just fine?!?!  lol  I didn't even have a picture, I just made it from memory!...only thing I got really really wrong was the position of the hat, I have everything facing forward instead of to the side like she does.  I might have also made the back of the neck part a little too big, but I can fix all of that :)

I just can't believe I actually got it.  Now the only thing I'm worried about are the measurements, I might have made mine a tad too wide...I'm thinking it will be about 7 inches when laid out on baby...the sides curve in somewhat so I'm not too sure yet.  The bottom of the hat/cape curves around baby's bottom too...[hopefully...] I made the measurement from the nape of the neck quite long as well.  *sigh*  I guess we'll find out if everything works!

Just wish yet again Ihad started doing all this when Shyna was born, I'd have a better eye for measurements :)  Anyhoo...here are the very unprofessional photos I took of my work...I love how I always have to post a professional's photographs first and then throw my amateur work in there.

And after relooking at my photos...I'm pretty sure I made the neck waaaaay too big.  Ah well...live and learn :)  I'm really really tired...I haven't been sleeping much in the past few days so I hope this isn't one big long ramble...


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