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Monday, 4 April 2011

Rainy Day Crochet...

Yes, its a rainy day today...perfect for the April time of year.  After going for a strenuously long walk yesterday, it will be nice to relax my insanely out of shape body today and just sit and crochet.  I've got an idea for a lion hat, have an order for a frog beanie and have a pattern for a random bucket type hat I'd like to throw on my poor unsuspecting daughter :)  There are still pending photos on my camera that need to be put on disk and then thrown up here on the computer with internet access...and last but not least...kijiji must be harassed with bunches and bunches of Lets Play Pretend ads.

Oh my oh my :)

Toopy and Binoo is on...Shyna is slowly fighting a nap...I think now is a perfect time to get the crochet hook out and get started on my mini list for the day!


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