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Saturday, 30 April 2011

April...with it's high highs...and low lows...

I'm having a low low day today...depressing, no?  I'm trying to stay positive...but I know I'm going to be very very snippy today.  I'm worried sick about a camera I bought on ebay this week, I had it accidentally delivered to the wrong address and now its floating around somewhere in mail-space.  Emails are so much easier...I don't like this ancient snail-mail technology!

Anyhoo...so I just finished editing a photo or two...and have to do a mini photoshoot later with Shyna so I can post some new pics on LPP's many websites :)  Maybe that will get me into a better mood.

Just refound these shots:

The hubster got out his guitar on my birthday morning and was playing and Shyna kept staring at him...so OFCOURSE we had to see what she'd do for her first guitar lesson :)  Naturally you're supposed to eat the guitar the first time!  She's such a good baby...I love the blurry shot of her where she's got this cocky expression on her face.

The other little set of photos I have is from the other day, my sister, mom and I went out for a quick birthday din din [my moms] at Wendy's.  I had just made Shyna a new hat and was showing it off and got some cute shots <3

God she's getting so big.  My lil monkey <3  The first shot was in the car on the way to Wendy's...she knows what a camera is and knows how it irks me when she doesn't cooperate lol.  If she knows this now then imagine what she's going to be like when she's older!

Anyhoo...that's it for now...I'm going to possibly try posting a pattern later on today for the bunny shell thing that I did a couple weeks ago.  I successfully made the ladybug one, just waiting for the client to pick it up and find out if I made it size appropriate or not lol

Til next time!


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