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Saturday, 9 April 2011

New Hats of Randomness and New Ideas Brewing...

And here we go again!  So, I randomly tried making my own Lion Hat...I have been getting comments that she looks like a gremlin, or a yoda with hair.  I like it still though :)  Let me know what you think of Shyna in her lion get up.

I like the last picture the best, looks like she's holding up her head with pride, about to roar.  She mimicked my roars once or twice and did little random hisses, it was so cute, one of the best photo shoots I've had with her in awhile.

I realize that the yarn color isn't exactly 'liony', I should've used a more tan brown for the main body of the hat, but I think I've got something here :)  I need to change up the ears too...they're just too pointy.  Once I've finalized these small lil details I'll definitely write up the pattern to share!

Other interesting thing that happened today was laundry!...okay no, it was actually really boring, I HATE doing laundry...but I managed to jazz up my laundry session...

I brought her upstairs in the basket because she was getting a little cranky and I wanted to see if she would fall asleep in it or not...and ofcourse she did lol  It was so sweet, I made sure she had some clothes blanketing the backs and side of her head, and ofcourse the little monkey decided she didn't care about the comfort and let her head fall flat forward and dozed that way.  She's so silly!  She does that when she goes to bed at night too, pulls the covers up to her face so you can only see her forehead...silly silly silly.  I enjoy having the covers pulled right up too...but I also enjoy this little thing called breathing.

Ah well.  Last but not least today I took some more random shots after I was done taking some photos of hats that are for sale.  My Mother in Law has a potted tree with funky little stones at the bottom so I decided to try and do some neat little shots...

I call the first one Good Vs Evil [LAWL ;)] and the second one...well...I just have this weird lil tendency to put my engagement ring in the randomest of places and taking pics of it.

Alright!  Done blabbering on...my hubby just gave me my birthday present [which he honestly didn't need to, I hate my birthday!], and now I shall go and cuddle it and eventually post pictures, Nightmare Before Christmas awesomeness baby!...


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