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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Mini Photoshoot Results...

Alright, so the munchkin was moody so I really didn't get in all the shots that I wanted too, but here's what I got so far and I really like 'em :)

The last one here is my favorite...I'd really really luv to draw this some day, if I ever get back into drawing that is...I really haven't done much lately.  Thats it for now, will try and get some more photos in later if Shyna is in a better mood, in the meantime I'm working on another hat for her and then I have one more diaper set to finish for a customer.

Think I'm going to pop in some Star Wars and listen to James Earl Jones' labored breathing.

.3rd and Bird...

My daughter is on the bed right now, mischievously poking her tongue out between her gums, watching 3rd and Bird...and trying to crawl...doing it backwards :)

We're going to go for a mini photoshoot soon, I've made up a duck hat I'm planning on selling and I also finished a diaper cover/hat set last night that I'd like to post up on facebook and my website.  If I end up getting around to it [where does the time go in the day?] I'd like to post up a crochet pattern that I've been working on.

I'm no good at math.  Therefore there are probably one and a million problems wrong with the pattern I'm going to upload.  No, I'm great at following patterns...but when it comes to writing my own, HA.  Guess we'll find out how I do...I'm planning on posting it on crochetville so the experts there can tear it apart, chew it up and spit it out into a spitoon, leaving it there for me to retrieve lol

It's a nice sunny day out, maybe the monkey and I can go for a mini walk!...providing I bundle her up to the hilt...God forbid the monkey get a cold, I've already lost enough sleep as it is.  Can I get an amen?

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